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Our Services
Race Prep:

Between every race weekend or test day we perform an extensive race prep service. This service includes a 4 page check list to insure the car is in top running order and ready to hit the track. At this time the car will also get a top to bottom cleaning while we are looking for any frame damage that may have occured. This leaves the car with a very high end finished look that this type of service requires. Last but not least, the car will go through a full alignment and chassis setup.

At Bulldog Motorsport we take pride in providing our customers with high quality services personalized for their unique needs. Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient.
Paint And Fiberglass Work:

Bulldog does it's own fiberglass repair and high quality paint work for our in-house customers. By doing our own body work we can insure proper repairs and a great final finish for your bodywork needs.
Chassis Setup:

Before departing to the track all cars get scaled and corner weights set, after which they will go through a full alignment.
Bead Seats:

We are a distributor for Bald Spot Bead Seats and can pour and customize a beautiful form fit seat for your race car.
Arrive And Drive Trackside Service:

We perform arrive and drive trackside services for all of our customer race cars. This service includes transportation of your race car to the track, and full maintenance while at the track. This maintenance will include helping you in and out of the car, fueling, tires, chassis adjustments, and minor repair work. We are also here to answer any questions you may have.

​Rental Car Services:

We offer a Formula Enterprise car for our rental car service. This is a 100% competitive car with 100% arrive and drive services. This is kept up with all available updates and is maintained to run at the front of the field. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding the details to our rental car services.


Single Race Weekend (scrubbed tires):
Single Race Weekend (new tires):

2 Day Dbl. Race Weekend (scrubbed tires):
2 Day Dbl. Race Weekend (new tires):

3 Day Dbl. Race Weekend (scrubbed tires):
3 Day Dbl. Race Weekend (new tires):

Test Day Before Event:

Refundable Damage Deposit: