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About Bulldog Motorsport LLC
Bulldog Motorsport has been family-owned and operated since it was founded by Don Huston in 1988. In 2007 the business was purchased by Jason Hohmann who was mentored by Don since his early high school days. We believe in treating all of our customers as if they are part of our family and would like to add you to our Bulldog team.

We are a full service race prep shop. We specialize in vintage race cars from Formula Ford to Sports Racers and Historic Winston Cup Cars. We also specialize in more current SCCA race cars from Formula Enterprise to Spec Racer Ford and GT1. We are the West Coast Customer Service Rep for the Formula Enterprise race car.

Customer Testimonials
"Jason and his Bulldog motorsport team has always brought the attention to detail necessary to win, without pushing for the most expensive solution. The genuine personal interrest in your racing, makes it a real team."

MR. O. (Oliver Sermet) Vintage FF
"I’ve been in the IndyCar business for over 20 years, and I know that the sport of car racing, done right, is an intense and engrossing experience. Racing my own car with Bulldog Motorsports allows me to focus entirely on the many complex duties of a racecar driver, without the additional distractions of mechanicals, logistics, fueling, etc. When things get heated and I need to perform at the best of my abilities, I’m glad to have Jason and his crew on my team!"

Jerry Kroll
Formula Enterprise #22
2011 SCCA SFR FE Champion
"Jason and his crew at Bulldog Motorsport maintain 3 race cars for Team Cranbrook Racing: a Formula Enterprise, a Norma M20F sports racer, and a Spec Racer Ford. All of these cars have visited victory lane numerous times. The cars are always immaculately prepared and give you great confidence when it’s time to go racing. Jason is a genius when it comes to fixing, rebuilding, preparing, painting, sorting, fabricating, and coaching. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced racer, you can benefit from his expertise. Another big plus with Jason is that his services are reasonably priced and he exercises very good judgment in sourcing parts and other items you may need. I wholeheartedly recommend Jason and Bulldog Motorsport for anyone needing help and support for their racing endeavors."

Jim Devenport
2009 2010 SCCA SFR FE Champion

"It has given me a great deal of confidence to know that my car is always prepared to the highest standards. That, along with the first rate track support, has helped me drive to the best of my ability."

Randi Snider
SRF #19
"I became interested in racing after participating in a few track day events in my road car. I came to Jason and his crew with absolutely zero racing experience. They guided me through the process of obtaining my SCCA license by not only providing a fully prepped and supported race car for driver's school but also giving insight on how to drive the car, literally bring me up to speed quickly and without drama." 

"After successfully completing driver's school, Jason helped me through the process of choosing a class that fit exactly what I was looking for in motor racing. He then helped me find the perfect car and has supported me and my race car ever since."

"The team at Bulldog Motorsport not only have the mechanical know-how to field a professional quality race car, they also have the racing experience to help me perform to the best of my abilities. Over the past couple of years I have come to think of everyone at Bulldog as family and look forward to every weekend we race."

John Yeatman
#8 FE